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District heating is included in the rent. However, at Camp Trondheim, we are committed to avoiding excessive electricity and district heating consumption as an environmental measure. Our residents contribute to this by focusing on reducing unnecessary heating. With the right focus among the residents, it is possible to reduce personal consumption while saving both money and the environment. We encourage everyone to do their part for the environment and economy.

For private room in shared accommodation, the following applies: Internet and digital TV are provided by TELIA. If TV is available in the common areas, it is included in the rent. If you want TV in your own room, you can purchase one of TELIA's options.

For studio and one-bedroom apartments, the following applies: Internet routers will be provided in the apartment/room, and you can simply connect to the wireless network using a username and password. The internet speed will be 100 Mbps from summer 2020, providing more than enough capacity for music and TV streaming. You need to register as a customer with TELIA to fully utilize the internet capacity. You can either visit telia.no or call 92405050 to register. When registering as a customer, you will be asked for the MAC address, which can be found on the router in your accommodation.

Telias's mobile app makes the decoder unnecessary, and you can stream TV content directly from your mobile if desired. If you still want digital TV, you can order a subscription directly from TELIA. Digital TV packages start from NOK 199 per month. All decoders must be returned to TELIA after the tenancy period ends. This can be done by either sending them by mail or returning them to their office at Brattøra.

Storage and Parking

There is a limited number of regulated parking spaces available. As a resident, you can rent a permanent parking space behind block 19. This costs 250 NOK per month. The notice period for terminating the parking space rental is one month. Please note that the parking space is not automatically terminated when you terminate your residential tenancy agreement. Therefore, if you have terminated your tenancy agreement, you must also remember to terminate the parking space rental one month in advance of when you no longer need it (effective from the first of each month).

We issue temporary parking permits/guest parking permits for the spaces behind block 19 and behind Persaunvegen 54 if you need a space for a few days but do not want to enter into a parking subscription. You can get a free permit for up to a couple of days, for example, a weekend. Beyond this, it costs 100 NOK for up to one week, 150 NOK for 2 weeks, and 200 NOK for 3 weeks.

Street parking according to current regulations. Questions about parking should be directed to ParkZone: info@parkzone.no or Phone: 73 49 48 88, weekdays between 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM.

All residential units have storage spaces in the basement. 2-bedroom apartments have their own storage space, while hybelleiligheter and hybler i kollektiv share storage spaces. Tenants need to bring their own padlock if one is not left by the previous tenant.

Waste Management

There is waste disposal for residual waste in front of block 21, where you use a key according to the correct address. Paper and plastic waste management is located behind block 23, up towards the road. These have separate pipes that are opened using a chip. There is also an environmental station for hazardous waste near the bicycle parking. Glass and metal should be taken to the container at Coop Prix further down the road.

The lease agreement

Kontakte oss på Hybel for råd og assistanse.

If you want to report a defect in the property or need help understanding any technical aspects, please send an inquiry to us.

Hvis du har spørsmål til kontrakten, inn-/utflytting, eller annet du vil spørre om, kan du kontakte oss via Hybel – så så hjelper vi deg.

Ønsker du å si opp leieforholdet ditt kan du ta kontakt via Hybel eller via e-post: residential.trondheim@newsec.no.

Leietaker må huske på å sende oppsigelse via innen fristen.

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